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Next to writing, reading is one of my absolute favorite things to do! I constantly have several books going at one time. To check out what I’m currently reading, I invite you to head over to my Goodread’s Page where I keep a running tally of all the books I read during the year. Here are just a few of the questions readers frequently ask me about my reading habits:

What do you like to read?

I love reading a wide variety of genres! Of course my favorite is historicals, and this year I’ve read a number of winners including Secrets of a Charmed Life by Susan Meissner and The Story Keeper by Lisa Wingate. Both are full of all the historical details that I just love.

I’m also a huge fan of young adult novels. My recent favorites are Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor (a time travel to medieval times), as well as Beauty by Robin McKinley (a lovely retelling of Beauty and the Beast).


What were your favorite stories as a child?

Anne of Green Gables was one of my favorites as a child because it played a role in developing my creativity as a writer. Followed closely by A Little Princess and Little Women because they also featured strong, creative girls.

What is one of your most favorite books?

I read a LOT of great books. So it’s difficult to narrow down one favorite since I enjoy most of the books. But one that hits the top of my favorite list is The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale. It’s a YA (young adult) historical novel based on the Brothers’ Grimm fairy tale, Goose Girl. I’m really a sucker for fairy tales (and yes, I still watch and love all the Disney Princess movies with my youngest daughter!). I loved Hale’s beautiful style of writing along with the fascinating, page-turning way she developed this classic fairy tale.


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“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

One of my favorite places to hangout online is Pinterest. Pictures really do SPEAK a thousand words. If you love pictures as much as I do, take a minute to browse some of my Pinterest boards. Some highlight my novels and tell the stories through pictures. Others are simply fun boards I’ve put together to represent the eras or settings of my books.

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