My Writing Journey

Rainbow's EndLike many writers, I’ve been writing since my childhood days. I always loved telling stories. However, as I began my college years, I quickly realized that creative writing wasn’t a career track that would help pay the bills. For a time, God moved me into social work. I went on to get my masters and was thankful for the experiences and opportunities I had during those years of helping underprivileged people. I can see now how many of my heroines have that same passion for helping others.

While I was working all those years, I was still writing and submitting manuscripts. I took a seven year break after my twins were born. At that time I had a toddler and twin babies and so I was just slightly busy changing diapers! But I couldn’t stay away from writing forever and eventually started again. The first book I wrote after my hiatus was The Preacher’s Bride.

When I began to query The Preacher’s Bride, the manuscript was rejected by all but one agent. Even with that one busy agent, my manuscript went into the To-Be-Read slush pile where it languished. However, while waiting to garner attention, I didn’t sit around idly twirling my thumbs. I worked hard during those months and went on to write another book. I kept building my online presence and I entered a number of writing contests.

The Preacher's BrideAfter two manuscripts finaled in ACFW’s Genesis contest (one of them The Preacher’s Bride), I contacted the agent who had my manuscript to let her know. She pulled my manuscript to the top of her slush pile, read it, and offered me representation within a couple of days. She went on to land me a three-book contract within a few months’ time.

The Preacher’s Bride debuted in 2010, became a CBA bestseller, and won multiple awards. Since then, I’ve gone on to publish many more award-winning books which you can discover on my Books Page.