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Thanks for coming to my corner of cyberspace and hanging out with me. I thoroughly enjoy meeting other readers and writers, so while you’re here visiting, please take a minute to say hello.  You can send questions or comments via my Contact page, or connect through Facebook or Twitter and let me know you stopped by. I’d love the chance to see your face and get to know who you are!


Fall 2014 News:

Fall is well under way in the Hedlund household! Not only has school started once again, but so have all of the various activities that my kids are participating in. This fall we’ll have cross country, swimming, soccer, ballet, dance, piano, children’s choir, youth group, book groups, and more! Most evenings you’ll likely find me in the van driving one of my kids somewhere! Thank goodness for portable laptops that allow me to work wherever I’m waiting on my kids.

With the fall, comes more books! I have a novella ebook releasing October 1, OUT OF THE STORM, and it kicks off my new lighthouse series. Don’t miss it! The first lighthouse book, LOVE UNEXPECTED, comes out December 1. I’ve had a lot of fun researching for my lighthouse books. I’ve gained a new appreciation and fascination for lighthouses.

Over the past summer I had my kitchen remodeled. Well, this fall I’m having my office remodeled, that is my online office. Yes, I’m having my website and blog overhauled. I’ll be sharing the new online office/hangout later in the fall. So be on the lookout for an updated site!

I pray that amidst the busyness of fall you’ll still find plenty of time to enjoy life AND reading!


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