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Michigan, 1883

In Her Darkest Hours, Is He the Man She Needs?

Lily Young longs to find her lost sister or will die trying. Heedless of any danger, she searches logging camps and towns, posing as a photographer’s assistant. And then she arrives in Harrison, Michigan–and the sights of Connell McCormick.

Connell is determined to increase the fortune of his lumber-baron father and figures as long as he’s living an upright life, that’s what matters. But when Lily arrives in town she upends his world, forcing him to confront the truth that dangerous men have gained too much power while good men turn a blind eye.

Vexing but persuasive, Lily soon secures Connell’s help, drawing them ever closer to each other. Will standing for what’s right cost them both everything?

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Editorial Reviews on Unending Devotion:

    • Publishers Weekly: “Hedlund’s (The Preacher’s Bride) latest historical romance is a meaty tale of life amid the debauchery of the lumber camps of 1880s Michigan. The lumber barons turn a blind eye to the moral decay that is eroding towns overrun with brothels and saloons servicing a burgeoning population of lonely, work-weary men. Lily Young plunges headlong into this violent and unforgiving environment in search of her 16-year old runaway sister. Lily tags along as assistant to Oren, a photographer who guards the orphaned girl, although she engages in more meddling than assisting. Her reckless behavior endangers not only herself but the few good townfolk aiming to help her on her foolhardy quests, including camp boss Connell McCormack. Hedlund portrays passion in tantalizing scenes. Her antagonist, the ruthless James Carr, and his exploits are based on the brutality of a real-life brothel owner who enslaved young girls during the logging boom, killing those who were not compliant. Hedlund intricately balances romance and drama, asking where the line between good and evil lies and exploring the dangers that erupt when that line becomes blurred. Hedlund’s tale is exciting and unpredictable to the very end. Agent: Rachelle Gardner. (Sept.)”
    • Library Journal: “Full of period detail and engaging dialogue, Hedlund’s historical should appeal to Susan Higginbotham fans.
    • CBA Retailers and Resources:Unending Devotion is a lovely and real representation of sisterly love and how even that can’t compare to the love God has for us.”


Blog Reviews on Unending Devotion:

    • Amber of The Historical Christian Romance Review: ““Awwwwwwwww…” That is the sound of an angel chorus. And those lovely angelic voices will accompany you as you read this A-mazing book. Yes, my friends. Unending Devotion is pure heaven.”
    • Becky Ritter of Christian Chick’s Thoughts: ” Lessons abound in Unending Devotion—about following God’s leading, fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves, learning patience, and resisting temptation. But these lessons come packaged in such a compelling story that at first you don’t even notice—and when you do, you’re left pondering what God might be leading you to do.”
    • Lydia Mazzei of The Overweight Bookshelf: “Jody Hedlund….holds a coveted place on my bookshelf alongside my favourite historical fiction writers such as Laura Frantz, Liz Curtis Higgs, Julie Lessman, Deeanne Gist and Siri Mitchell. Treat yourself to a reading experience you will not soon forget.”
    • Gabrielle Meyer’s blog: “It isn’t an easy subject to discuss, but she was able to do it with grace and sensitivity – and she wove it into a beautiful love story, with strong characters, that kept me turning the pages.”
    • Ashley of Ashley’s Bookshelf: “The author did a wonderful job making all the characters real and the story line flow flawlessly. I rate this a 5/5.  It was a wonderful book that will stay on my shelf.”
    • Sylvia Ney of Writing in Wonderland: “I found myself stealing minutes to read when I should have been watching the dinner I burned, the street light that turned green and finally the sleep I should have gotten before beginning a full day. Hedlund’s newest release was everything I enjoy in historical fiction.”



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Unending Devotion (Michigan Brides, #1)


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