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Inspired by the true love story of Marcus and Narcissa Whitman…

They vowed to keep their marriage in name only.

But when the unexpected happens on the grueling journey west . . .

Their carefully constructed partnership will be put to the ultimate test.

Priscilla White knows she’ll never be a wife or mother and feels God’s call to the mission field in India. Dr. Eli Ernest is back from Oregon Country only long enough to raise awareness of missions to the natives before heading out West once more. But then Priscilla and Eli both receive news from the mission board: No longer will they send unmarried men and women into the field.

Left scrambling for options, the two realize the other might be the answer to their needs. Priscilla and Eli agree to a partnership, a marriage in name only that will allow them to follow God’s leading into the mission field. But as they journey west, this decision will be tested by the hardships of the trip and by the unexpected turnings of their hearts.


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    • RT Book Reviews: Hedlund‘s thoroughly captivating story is set against the backdrop of need, danger, desperation and suspense. The characterization, research and emotions weave a wonderful story that will leave readers rooting for the couple through each stage of the journey. ~Jennifer Reyes


Blog Reviews on The Doctor’s Lady:

  • Amanda Barratt’s blog: “From the gorgeous front cover to the very last page,“The Doctor’s Lady” kept me entranced, inspired, and intrigued.”
  • Directions for the Journey: “The story of Priscilla and Eli brings with it the timeless message of hope in hopelessness. It is a reminder of what being a person of faith in difficult times – and in times of joy – can mean.”
  • Southern Sassy Things: “Jody Hedlund has created a masterpiece in The Doctor’s Lady. She created romantic tension so thick, I could cut it with a knife.”
  • Interviews & Reviews: “The Doctor’s Lady is an incredible book that will sweep you away and I guarantee you will not be able to put it down until you are finished.”
  • Muse: “Ms. Hedlund paints such vivid portraits of her settings and characters that I could see every scene as clearly as if it was on film. She is also a master of tension and plotting. I turned pages long into the night…”
  • Novel Books: “The Doctor’s Lady is a full of gripping adventure, romance and the desire to obey God’s will. Another successful historical romance by Jody Hedlund has hit the bookshelves. Highly recommended.”
  • Black ‘n Gold Girl’s Book Spot: “Every second of this story is a joy to read and I recommend it to anyone who likes romance.”
  • Under God’s Mighty Hand: “Jody masterfully includes great detail in her novels through both setting the scene and introducing the characters just in the first few chapters. The details both show Jody’s dedication to thoroughly researching a historical period and draw the reader in to the scene and characters.”
  • The Historical Christian Romance Review: “Do you like a good rescue?  Raise your hand and say, “Me!  I do!”  Good.  Because this book is loaded, and you won’t be disappointed.  I can’t get enough of the heroine being rescued by the leading man.  It’s great romance.”
  • A Fair Substitute for Heaven: “The book is so adventurous, moving and beguiling. As an unabashed romantic, I quite enjoyed the moments that proved both were not completely immune to the other’s physical presence, sparkle, charm.”



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The Doctor's Lady


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