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Lady Sabine is harboring a skin blemish, one, that if revealed, could cause her to be branded as a witch, put her life in danger, and damage her chances of making a good marriage. After all, what nobleman would want to marry a woman so flawed?

Sir Bennet is returning home to protect his family from an imminent attack by neighboring lords who seek repayment of debts. Without fortune or means to pay those debts, Sir Bennet realizes his only option is to make a marriage match with a wealthy noblewoman. As a man of honor, he loathes the idea of courting a woman for her money, but with time running out for his family’s safety, what other choice does he have?

As Lady Sabine and Sir Bennet are thrust together under dangerous circumstances, will they both be able to learn to trust each other enough to share their deepest secrets? Or will those secrets ultimately lead to their demise?

Reviews for For Love and Honor

  • Amy Drown: “Packed with action, adventure, daring rescues, chivalric heroes, brave heroines, swoon-worthy romance, and strong themes of faith and sacrifice, these stories really do have it all, and For Love and Honor is no exception!”
  • Bekah M: “Jody Hedlund truly understands what a reader wants in a story and delivers with such a finesse that you can’t help but appreciate every beautiful word. Filled with heart pounding action, medieval setting, sweet romance, noble heroes, and a profound message — For Love and Honor is easily among my favorites in this genre!”
  • Rebecca: “For Love and Honor is everything that fans of Jody Hedlund have come to appreciate and enjoy; regaling her readers across the generations with the timeless reminder that God-given uniqueness is a priceless gift, bestowed out of everlasting love.”
  • Haley: “You should totally read this book, when it comes out. It is worth it all the way!”
  • Rissi: “There’s a distinct fairy tale quality that doesn’t overshadow the story’s quiet nature, but rather enhances it. Surface level may pit For Love and Honor as sweet, but underneath, this is a story of loss, hope, honor, forgiveness, and love.”
  • Kindle Customer: “I just finished For Love and Honor and it was so beautifully written. I loved everything about it. I loved how Sabine hid her wounded heart through humor and knowledge of art and history like she hid her wounds. I loved Bennet’s heart and character and sense of honor for those he loved. Wow! It was just so wonderful. I definitely recommend this book.

Radio Interview

Enjoy my interview about For Love and Honor with Willem Meiners of Paperback Radio!

Note: Some spoilers in this interview, so be sure to enjoy the novel first!


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For Love and Honor (An Uncertain Choice, #3)