CONTEST #1: Creative Photo Contest on Pinterest

Pinterest Photo! Even the dog thinks Unending Devotion is dog-gone good!


Grand Prize Winner: Pam Williamson

Runners up: Melissa Jagears and Gabrielle Meyer


1. Take a picture of my book, Unending Devotion, in some creative format. The picture doesn’t necessarily have to include you, but it can. Go ahead and think outside the box! Take a picture with a pet (the above picture is my dog!), a picture of you reading it somewhere interesting, a picture of the book with something having to do with the lumber era setting, etc. BE CREATIVE!! Visit the Pinterest Contest Board for more ideas.

2. After you have a creative photo, pin the picture onto one of YOUR Pinterest boards. Make sure you use “@Jody Hedlund” in your description of your picture (so that hopefully I’ll be able to locate all the pins).

3. I will then repin your photo to my CONTEST for Unending Devotion Pinterest Board to keep a collection of all the entries. If I miss seeing yours, make sure to alert me! Email it to me at:

If you are NOT on Pinterest, you can still send me your creative photo, and I will upload it onto the contest board myself.

4. Deadline: Midnight Sept. 30, 2012

5. Judges: Will pick the top three creative photos as winners. (Thanks to some of the staff at Bethany House Publishers for agreeing to help judge the contest!)

6. Prizes: (Books, Coffee, and Chocolate!)

  • 1st Place: $30 Amazon Gift Card (for books!)
  • 2nd & 3rd Place: Choice of $10 Starbucks Gift Card or $10 Chocomize Gift Card

CONTEST #2: Nikon Photography Package Giveaway

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